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  • February 2018 - Spotted Lanternfly In Pennsylvania

    << BACK TO NEWSLETTERSWhat You Need to Know About the Invasive Spotted Lantern-fly:                                           As of August 2017, the spotted lanternfly had been positively identified in many areas of Berks, Bucks, Chester, Lehigh, and Montgomery counties in Eastern Pennsylvania. Adults (summer through frost) are inconspicuous spotted, brownish-grey plant hopper...  Read More...

  • January 2016 - Ice Storms and Tree Damage

    Certain areas of Bucks and Montgomery Counties experience ice storms that can damage many trees.  Fortunately, ice storms do not occur on a regular basis. The trees that normally take the brunt of the damage from ice storms are the following due to brittle wood: Bradford Pears Poplars Silver Maples Birches Willows Homeowners often plant fast-growing species like the ones mentioned above for rapid shade.  Fast-growing trees normally have brittle ...  Read More...

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