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August 2018 - Brown Patch Disease in Lawns



 We have been experiencing a hot, humid and wet summer. With those type of weather conditions, the browning of your lawns is starting to show signs of a disease called “ BROWN PATCH”. Brown Patch is a major summer disease of lawns and golf courses. Brown patch becomes a problem in mid-to late summer, during extended periods of high temperature and humidity. More often, the turf in these patches is thinned rather than killed. Disease activity is prevalent when surface moisture and humidity are high, night temperatures are above 68 degrees F, and day time temperatures average 80 degrees F or above. Rainy weather and a saturated atmosphere (100% relative humidity) greatly speed disease development. Disease severity is greater on lush, succulent, and well-maintained turf grasses. Areas that do not show good recovery, should be addressed with a good quality seed during the Fall months. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions.

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