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October 2017 - What Are the Benefits of a Late Fall Fertilization to Turf


Late fall means the period in which turf foliar growth slows to the point where mowing is not required, the grass is still green, but soils are not frozen. 

The Benefits of Late Fall Fertilization 

· An early and noticeable green-up in spring with less foliar growth. 

· Stored carbohydrates are not exhausted as quickly when late fall fertilization applications are made. 

· If nitrogen is taken up and used by turf in late fall, it does not contribute to foliar growth, and may be used for some root growth. 

Because of the possibility of nitrogen losses, slow release nitrogen sources are better for late fall applications. 


Late fall fertilization usually takes place when shoot growth slows considerably, the grass is still green, and before the soil freezes. Fertilizing in late fall enhances spring green-up, reduces depletion of carbohydrates compared to spring applications, and increases turf root development. 

Bair’s Tree & Lawn Service does provide the Late Fall Turf Application Services. If you are not already scheduled for the Late Fall Turf Application, give us a call or email us, so we can schedule you for that application. 

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