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  • August 2018 - Brown Patch Disease in Lawns

    << BACK TO NEWSLETTERSBROWN PATCH DISEASE IN LAWNS We have been experiencing a hot, humid and wet summer. With those type of weather conditions, the browning of your lawns is starting to show signs of a disease called “ BROWN PATCH”. Brown Patch is a major summer disease of lawns and golf courses.   Read More...

  • January 2016 - Ice Storms and Tree Damage

    Certain areas of Bucks and Montgomery Counties experience ice storms that can damage many trees.  Fortunately, ice storms do not occur on a regular basis. The trees that normally take the brunt of the damage from ice storms are the following due to brittle wood: Bradford Pears Poplars Silver Maples Birches Willows Homeowners often plant fast-growing species like the ones mentioned above for rapid shade.  Fast-growing trees normally have brittle ...  Read More...

  • December 2015 - Late Fall/Early Winter Is One of the Best Times for Tree Care

    When to Prune? Many tree experts say clients or would-be customers often look at trimming as nothing more than a way of making fall leaf cleanup easier. Proper tree care is more than a simple shortcut, they say. When its limbs and canopy are bare of leaves, it can be a good time to judge a tree for pruning.   Read More...

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