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  • October 2017 - What Are the Benefits of a Late Fall Fertilization to Turf

    << BACK TO NEWSLETTERSLate fall means the period in which turf foliar growth slows to the point where mowing is not required, the grass is still green, but soils are not frozen. The Benefits of Late Fall Fertilization · An early and noticeable green-up in spring with less foliar growth. · Stored carbohydrates are not exhausted as quickly when late fall fertilization applications are made. · If nitrogen is taken up and used by turf in late fall, it does not contribute to...  Read More...

  • January 2016 - Ice Storms and Tree Damage

    Certain areas of Bucks and Montgomery Counties experience ice storms that can damage many trees.  Fortunately, ice storms do not occur on a regular basis. The trees that normally take the brunt of the damage from ice storms are the following due to brittle wood: Bradford Pears Poplars Silver Maples Birches Willows Homeowners often plant fast-growing species like the ones mentioned above for rapid shade.  Fast-growing trees normally have brittle ...  Read More...

  • December 2015 - Late Fall/Early Winter Is One of the Best Times for Tree Care

    When to Prune? Many tree experts say clients or would-be customers often look at trimming as nothing more than a way of making fall leaf cleanup easier. Proper tree care is more than a simple shortcut, they say. When its limbs and canopy are bare of leaves, it can be a good time to judge a tree for pruning.   Read More...

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